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Business Live Chat | Facts About Live Chat Backed Up by Statistics

December 4, 2018

What does business live chat do for me?

As a business owner, you want to do everything possible to make sure your business thrives. One way to do this is through business live chat. When it comes to customer service response times email typically takes 17 hours and social media 10 hours, but live chat is 2 minutes on average. That means live chat is 100 times faster than any other digital service channel. Thankfully, there are hard statistics that back up the benefits of adding live chat to your business.

Increases Sales and Conversions

The biggest reason businesses are flocking to live chat software for their websites is because of the boost in sales that it offers. According to the American Marketing Association, B2B companies that use live chat see a 20 percent increase in conversions on average. The biggest reason this happens is that live chat allows you to interact with the customer while they are still on your website. In a report by eMarketer, they found that 35 percent of people that interacted with a website’s live chat made a purchase immediately following the chat.

Reduces Support Costs

Business owners are all too familiar with the high costs that come with employing customer support. Call centers or customer service agents that handle both email and phone calls have long been the favorite for businesses but that is a thing of the past. Live chat has made it possible for agents to be in up to six chats at once, thus helping six customers at once. That isn’t possible in any other avenue. One agent can only reply to one email or answer one email at a time. In addition to that, live chat is usually more than 50 percent less expensive than employing a call center or customer service agent.

Does business live chat help?

Looking for Business Live Chat?

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