Customer Support Live Chat | The Cheat Sheet Guide to Customer Live Chat

April 4, 2019

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Thousands of business owners worldwide have already integrated Customer Support Live Chat into their websites because they know how powerful live chat is in generating leads and boosting sales. However, live chat support will not give you the results you want if you don’t practice proper chat etiquette. Although offering live chat service helps your customers, how you deliver your message can either make or break you. Send the wrong message and your conversation can easily go viral with a simple screenshot. Don’t let a careless mistake ruin your reputation.

How To Start Customer Support Live Chat

Like all other chat conversations, you have to start with the right greeting as it sets the tone for the entire chat. Agents make the mistake of creating a chat greeting that is too short while others too long. There are also agents who make a very informal greeting while others are too formal. The right greeting should be friendly but remain professional such as this:

“Hello [name of customer], thank you for calling [name of company]. How may I help you?”

How To Admit You Are At Fault

Assuming you made a mistake, if you or the company was clearly at fault how do you admit it? If it was your mistake you can say, “I am sorry [name of customer], I made a mistake and provided you with the wrong price for the item you bought. The actual price for that item is [correct price].” If someone committed the mistake from the team you can say that it was “our mistake” to represent the company.

How To Politely Say No

For example, if a customer wanted to ask for a huge discount that is not realistic you should say the right words so they won’t feel offended. By simply replying with a straightforward “No” your customers will feel rejected and humiliated instead you can say, “I’m sorry [name of customer] perhaps next time when there is a sale we will inform you and you will be the first to know.”

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Looking for Help with Customer Support Live Chat?

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