Live Chat Support Tool | Adding a Personal Touch to Live Chat

December 11, 2018

What is a live chat support tool?

It’s no secret that customers want to feel special. They don’t want to feel like just a number or just another person. They want to feel like you care about them and their business. Getting them to feel that way is a big part of the entire customer service experience. Live chat, by design, is a great way to make the customer feel special. One great way to do that is to add a personal touch to each live chat conversation. Let’s take a look at ways that you can add a personal touch to your live chat support tool.

What can a live chat support tool do?

Use the Customer’s Name

If they don’t provide their name, or their name doesn’t auto-generate, ask the customer for their name early in the conversation. This lets the customer know that you want to have a personalized conversation with them. This also helps identify yourself as a real person and not a bot. If they provide their name, or it’s auto-generated, greet them using their first name. The customer will appreciate this and it will go a long way to providing them with an excellent customer service experience.

Be Engaging

Sometimes a customer will come right out and say what they want to discuss. When that happens, the entire process is relatively easy. For some people though, the purpose of their inquiry needs to be coerced out of them. By engaging and asking the right questions, you can get the customer to drop their guard and help them with their issue. You can even learn more about them and what brought them to your website in the first place. That is all valuable information that can be used in future marketing efforts.

How can I make the most out of the live chat support tool?

Are You Interested in the Live Chat Support Tool?

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