Outsourced Live Chat Services | How To Create Effective Chat Greetings

April 12, 2019

where is the best outsourced live chat services?

When you’re in business, you cannot afford to leave a bad impression on your customers because more often than not, it is very rare to get a second chance unless you are willing to fight tooth and nail to change their perception of you. You don’t have to do that though if you start off on the right foot. Impressing your customers through outsourced live chat services is one way of making sure they are happy with your service.

The Greeting Should Be Friendly and Personal

Give your greeting serious thought because that’s what sets the tone of the conversation. Make sure it’s not too long or too short. Keep it friendly and personal. There is a feature in the live chat that allows you to collect visitor information like their location. You can use that as part of your greeting to make it more personal.

Add the Name and Photo of The Agent

For some reason, live chat makes customers think that they are chatting with a robot since they can’t see you. Show them your human side by adding a name and a photo of the agent in the chat box to give it a personal touch.

Show Positive Energy

Make a good first impression by creating an enthusiastic live chat greeting. Your customers can sense your positivity from across the screen and this will make them feel more comfortable chatting with you.

where are the best outsourced live chat services?

Looking for Outsourced Live Chat Services?

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