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Customer Support Live Chat | How Do You Address Customer Complaints?

November 19, 2019

what is customer support live chat?

In business, there are good days and there are bad days. Good days are when all your customers leave positive reviews on your Business Page, recommend you to their friends and families and rate you with 5 stars on Facebook but what about the bad days? Bad days are when customers get infuriated with your business because they were not satisfied with your product or service. When addressing customer complaints, it helps to have customer support live chat software.

Make Customer Support Live Chat Available

When complaints arise it’s better to contain the problem between you and the customer because if this leaks out and other people will know about it, potential customers will get discouraged especially if they don’t hear your side. Having a live chat on your website gives angry customers a platform to communicate with you rather than posting their complaints on your Facebook Page for everyone to see.

Always Apologize for the Inconvenience

As soon as they send a complaint via live chat, address it right away but you must first start your reply with an apology. For your business to succeed you have to practice humility. Even if it was not your fault, choose to apologize anyway because an angry customer can be easily placated if you show that you are sorry.

Offer Solutions to Their Complaints

Saying you are sorry is not enough. In order to enhance customer experience, you have to offer a solution to their problem. For example, if they received the wrong product offer to mail the right one free of charge or if they received crappy service, provide them with a free service and give them an apology gift.

what is customer support live chat?

Looking for Information About Customer Support Live Chat?

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