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Managed Live Chat | Dealing with Angry Customers Through Live Chat

October 24, 2019

what is managed live chat?

Even if you are the most careful and the most tactful business owner you can never please everyone and you cannot escape angry and dissatisfied customers. There will always be moments where you’ll be forced to deal with angry customers whether in person, email, phone or through chat. Most customers air their grievances and anger through chat because of its convenience. How do you deal with irate customers? Here’s how you can use managed live chat to keep them calm.

Stay Calm

Even if the customer is typing words in all caps and saying hurtful words at you never reciprocate in the same manner because it will only make matters worse. Instead, stay calm and control yourself. Although it can be tempting to get even, you will regret that decision later on and it will paint a bad image of your business.

Listen to Your Customer’s Complaints

The only way to rectify the situation is if you know what’s the source of your customer’s anger and irritation. Was it a defective product or was it a subpar service? You cannot solve the problem unless you identify what it is. Give your customer time to explain himself or herself and don’t interrupt them.

Apologize Through Chat

Once you’ve given your customer ample time to air out his or her complaints it’s time to apologize. Regardless of the complaint is true or not, it doesn’t matter you still have to apologize for the stress and inconvenience the transaction has put your customer through. Keep it simple yet straightforward and offer your assurances that it won’t happen again.

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Looking for Managed Live Chat for Your Business?

Sometimes dealing with irate customers can get to your nerves especially when you’re having a rough day yourself but always remember that when you’re exchanging conversations through managed live chat, anything that you type can be saved and posted online so be very careful with the words you use and how you respond to your customers.  At Digital LeadSource, we offer a managed website live chat service that helps increase the number of leads your business gets online. Visit us at our site to learn more.